Birthday Planner Dubai

Birthday party is considered to be the most memorable and enjoyable party for many adults as well as children. Films and photo of this ceremony remain long last in the memory of the people as all good moment. However the importance of birthday party is much more in the life of kids. Nowadays in several countries, holding birthday parties is as important as for children. However arrangements of these parties are quite different from engagement or wedding parties (even if it is organized magnificently). Albeit this ceremony can be traditional, modern or both in the format. The designing, decoration, videography, photography, music, entertainment and games can be done in creative manner to make the party memorable. Usually teenagers and children wear their best clothes in these birthday parties,

moreover like to invite their best friends and their close relatives to enhance the glory of the occasion. The party is help by music and dancing and then continued with cake, blowing out candles and unwrapping of gifts. The most important things is that in most of the countries, age doesn’t matter, but in our country we usually don’t have birthday parties for elderlies and adults. On the other hand, other countries, forgetting elderlies’ birthday is considered to symbol of disrespect.

Wedding Music Dubai

WEDDING MUSIC | PIXIE EVENTS Wedding Music Dubai Nowadays, wedding music in Dubai is accompanied by modern tools and equipment. Young people, who are a majority in weddings like fast and loud music; therefore, the kind of music played in such

Wedding Planner in Dubai

WEDDING | PIXIE EVENTS Your wedding ceremony is one of the most magical times of your life, and planning such an event must cause you no stress, in addition to being delightful and exhilarating. Pixie Events is one of the most

Wedding Stage & Entrance Decoration Dubai

WEDDING STAGE | PIXIE EVENTS One of the most important elements in a wedding hall in the stage for bride and groom. Balloons or satin may be used for the wedding stage decoration in Dubai. This part of the wedding hall



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