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Whether you have had the experience of holding corporate ceremonies, or this is your first experience, corporate events planner in Dubai will help you so that a stylish and glorious experience would be created for you and your guests. Everything you want will precisely be considered. We, alongside of you and your team, will do our best to establish an effective and clear connection throughout the ceremony.

If you are one of those people who constantly have connection and communication with different companies, corporations, and organizations, you definitely hold various seminars related to your career every now and then. One of the important things to do before holding seminars is choosing a subject. Prepare your speech notes in advance, practice it several times, make an abstract, and present your seminar according to that. At the end of your speech, asks the audience if they have any question about it. Before holding seminars and conferences, be sure to use a professional team to check all required equipment including microphones, video projectors, speakers, etc. in order not to face a problem during your speech. 

Since most people get nervous before a public speech, and because preparing needed equipment is also stressful, it is much better to put all responsibilities related to location and equipment to a professional team in order to reduce the stress. pixie events, with decades of experience in holding seminars and conferences and with collaboration with professional and experienced staff, is ready to present all tasks such as invitation cards’ designing, brochures, posters and catalogues, accommodation for the invitees, decorating conference halls, filming and photography, welcoming guests, etc. We assure you if you put all responsibilities to our team, you will be completely satisfied with the result.


This ceremony is held to celebrate the opening of an enterprise. However, the advertising aspect of this kind of ceremony is much more important. Unlike wedding party where family and friends are invited, the business person and company owners as well as the formal officials are usually invited to this ceremony. Their families may also be invited, and this would be a great honor for them. Holding a magnificent luxurious ceremony in these occasions will create a high influence for the company’s etiquette. That is why a special flower designing would be perfect; however, it is not recommended to use lighting effects. This kind of ceremony can be a really important way to start communication with other companies and organizations.

Today, this kind of ceremony is officially held in various countries; therefore, it has its own ritual and costumes:

  1. Preparing the location and providing a ribbon to be cut
  2. Presence of invitees, host, and guests
  3. A short speech of the owner or the manager
  4. Cutting the ribbon to start the activity in a symbolic way accompanied by the audience clapping (or respecting Prophet Muhammad in Iran)
  5. The main speech of the manager accompanied by serving guests

In most countries the above ceremony is common; however it may be a little different in some countries.

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