Do`s and don’ts of bridal makeup

The following notes, regarding bridal makeup and wedding day, are some of the most common mistakes, and avoiding them is in your best interest.                                          

Do not try new Things:                                                                                                    

Your wedding day isn’t exactly the perfect day for trying out new things; If you haven`t tried red lipstick, then don’t even consider wearing it on your wedding day.                 

Remember not to make a chief change:                                                                          

Chief and considerable changes, such as getting a tan, embossing your cheeks or cutting your hair too short should not be tried out on your wedding day. The reason would be that most changes require a considerable time to get used to or even to make sure whether you are pleased with it or not, the worst case scenario would be that as a result of such changes, one would feel that he has turned himself into a whole different person.

Have enough time to try new things out:                                                                         

Make sure to try out any new idea that you might have for your wedding day at least 3 months prior to the actual wedding. Ideas such as, highlighting your hair, getting a short hair cut or any sort of skin care that you have not tried before, should be tested out at least three months before the wedding.                                                                            

Do not use lipstick or lip gloss grossly and on their own:                                                

it is most important that before you apply any sort of lipsticks or lip glosses, first you should use a lip liner, this increases the durability of your lipstick. Using lipstick or lip gloss solely on their own results in fading the lipstick or lip gloss in a short period of time.                                                                                                                                  

Do not use improper powders:                                                                                         

Pan- cakes or any other powders that are often used to fix the facial makeup, should be set properly on the face. While buying a powder, in order to make sure that it will be suitable with your face, you should take into consideration the texture and quality of your skin. To emboss your cheek`s bone, make sure to use the most suitable and proper cheek stick, a piece of good advice would be to choose a color of cheek stick that isn’t much different from your basic facial skin.                                                                      

Don’t forget your eyebrows:                                                                                            

While doing makeup, we often forget or neglect the eyebrows. Try to suit the color of your eyebrows with your hair`s. Don’t forget to fill in your eyebrows. But be careful not to let your facial makeup affect your eyebrows. i.e. you might want to do a lot more makeup on your eyes and therefore use this excuse to shave your eyebrows, make them too thin or too thick. The more natural the eyebrows are the more beautiful the bride will look, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t touch your eyebrows at all. Try to console with your beautician and ask them to find a balance of thickness and thinness for your eyebrows, so they are in harmony with the rest of your face. Beautiful eyebrows bring out even more beautiful eyes. Also remember not to cut, thinner or shave the tail of your eyebrows, because if done so, they lose their natural appeal and give your face an artificial look. Never ask the beautician to implement the idea you have in mind on your face, because her conception might differ from yours.                                           

Show your beatitudes:                                                                                                       

You have to care about the features that you love the most, your wedding day basically means that you want to be yourself but in the best possible way. So if what you admire and love the most about yourself is your eyes or your checks then try to high lighten them more than your other features.                                                                                  

Be mindful of the cameras:                                                                                               

If you don’t want to have a creepy and horrifying look in your wedding photos, you have to stabilize your makeup with powder and make sure to have an opaque skin, so it wouldn’t look so gross and gloss in photos.                                                                       

Don’t go around storytelling about your favorite makeup:                                              

Do not try to ask the beautician to implement the makeup ideas you might have in your mind in real life, because she might have a totally different conception of what is in your mind. So the best possible course of action is to present her a photograph of your intended and desired makeup or hairstyle at least one week before the wedding, and make sure that you both are on the same page.                                                                

Try out the makeup (before the actual wedding):                                                            

Make sure to try your wedding hairstyle, at least once before the actual wedding day. We suggest that amongst the options that you have in mind and that your hairdresser suggests, choose 3 styles and make the hairdresser try out all 3 of them on you, sometimes the hairdresser doesn’t offer such courtesies, but you have to be persistent and ask her to at least give you a simple and overall version of the hairstyle so you can make up your mind and be absolutely sure about “the one” hairstyle that you are going to wear on your wedding day.                                                                                           

Don’t use artificial hair:                                                                                                   

Don’t let your hairdresser use any sort of artificial hairs since if seen through a camera`s flashlight the color of the artificial hair is easily distinguishable from the color of your real hair, this naturally creates a negative image of you in your guests’ minds.              

All family members shouldn’t end up doing business with the same beautician:            

It used to be customary that the bride and all her female relatives including sisters, mother, aunts and cousins would all go to the same beautician. Never make this mistake, for in the end, you will all end up looking unpleasantly alike. Every beautician has her own style of working and even if asked not to use her style and theme too much, she won’t be able to help it. So if you want to be a unique bride and have a one of a kind makeup style, don’t share your beautician.                 


Do`s and don’ts of bridal makeup

The following notes, regarding bridal makeup and wedding day, are some of the most common mistakes, and avoiding them is in your best interest.                                           Do not try new Things:                                                                                                    

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