Family conventions:

Every family has its own conventions that need to be taken into considerations when planning an engagement party. People celebrate their engagement in different ways, therefore, it doesn’t have a standard and general definition, as weddings do. Engagement can be celebrated with just a few guests, your closes friends and family, or it can be turned into a large and splendid ceremony with a great number of guests. It all depends on the person`s traditions and taste on how to celebrate his engagement.                        

When to celebrate?!

If you want to celebrate your engagement on the official day (the day you get engaged), then normally, your guests would consist of your close friends and family. But if you would like to have a bigger ceremony and invite more of your friends and relatives then the engagement celebration`s date could be postponed up to three months after your engagement. This way you can relax, and do all the necessary works on time and tastefully, free of stress.                                        

The budget:

In most of the Iranian cities, the expenses that an engagement celebration often brings falls on the bride`s father, this tradition too, can be different in some families, if so then the 2 families should come up with a mutual agreement beforehand. but generally speaking, in our country it’s the father of the bride who pays for the expenses. It’s worth noting that in most families, the groom has to pay for some parts of the celebration including the photographer, the wedding car, the beauty salon and the wedding dress. 

Choosing the theme:

Here you have to choose whether you want your celebration to take place in your house, a venue, at a hotel or a garden. Keep in mind that, a garden is a seasonal option, and since you can`t celebrate outdoors throughout the whole year. it depends on the timing and season of your celebration.    

Choosing a location for your ceremony:

The most important detail that you have to pay attention to while deciding on a place, is the number of your guests. If you have decided to have your celebration at home, then you have to pay close attention to the size and space of your house in regard to the number of your guests. If you think there isn’t enough space, either change the location or cut down on the number of guests.                                                                               

If you want to celebrate your engagement ceremony at home, pay close attention to the following tips:                                                                                                                   

Cleaning up your house: clean up your house beforehand and provide enough chairs and tables for your expected guests.                                                                                

Decoration: since it is going to be the sitting of the bride and groom it’s better to decorate and place the setting of The Engagement table on your own and tastefully. This table often includes all sorts of confections, the holy Quran, Cake(s), candles, flowers and the engagement rings.                                                                                                       

Regarding your dinner table, make sure to use “REAL” and natural flowers and candles for decoration, this often creates an appealing and welcoming vibe for the guests.            

If you have a friend or relative that can give you an extra hand with the work, deciding to celebrate your engagement in your house would be ideal, this way you can invest most of your money for later rainy days in life, which otherwise would have been spent on expenses.                                                                 

Food and drinks:

Here the first step would be to decide how you are going to serve your guests?!! If you want to serve them in a self-service manner, then your house should have enough space for quite a large table.                                                                                                       


Your wedding will be an unforgettable event in your whole life, therefore, every single moment of your joy and happiness should be recorded wholesomely and professionally.

It’s needless to say, that you should pay full attention and care while choosing your photographer. One of the ways you can do this is to ask for his previous works, samples or anything that can show you his professionalism, make sure his way and method of photographing suits your taste.                                                                                         

An interesting idea: ask your friends to bring along their own digital cameras to your ceremony, so that they too can take pictures of your engagement celebration. But give them a theme or an object to focus on while taking pictures, for example, “funny moments”, your dancing or your jokes … afterwards, you can- as a thank you- give the best picture your sincere appreciation and thankfulness.                                                  

Entertaining your guests isn’t really an important part of your engagement ceremony since you want the bride and groom to be the center of the ceremony, but if you want to make sure your guests are having a good time you can hire an orchestra, comedian or a magician. It will enrich the quality of your ceremony even more.                                    

Thank-you notes:

Afterwards, when the ceremony is over, make sure to give away small but meaningful gifts, as a thank you to all those who lent you a hand.        


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