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Those who want to hold a party such as birthday, anniversary, or graduation party often confront with stress and wilderness for holding luxurious parties. However, having a schedule to do different tasks can reduce your stress, and you can easily manage them.Depending to the kind of party and number of guests, you can book a hall with different design and decoration in accordance to your taste. It is better to use comfortable chairs with an arrangement which makes conversation easy for the guests. Furthermore, if the ceremony is formal, you can add a light music to make a tranquil atmosphere. Another thing you should pay attention to is table designing.

It is suggested to use a simple chic pattern like putting natural flowers or candlesticks on tables as well as setting plates which make tables more attractive. Also, preparing some dishes and food will complete your ceremony. we are providing different facilities to help you hold the best ceremonies and parties in a special and elegant way. PIXIE EVENTS, enjoying experienced designers knowing the newest Asian and European methods and well-dressed servants is trying to make you and your invitees a memorable ceremony. Simply, delegate A to Z of your ceremony to PIXIE EVENTS, and it holds your ceremony with luxurious standards and principals.



In these kinds of parties, families have friendly conversations. While children are playing in a room, their parents usually gather in the hall or sitting room talking and eating fruits and tea. These parties are still holding in various countries, usually on weekends and holidays.


It is usually held by teenagers and young people at a hosting home, where they often talk and dance. This kind of party is very popular in west. The host usually do not bother themselves to prepare food, and each guest (according to a modern ritual) brings food and drink.


This kind of party is also very popular in west where the host invites their guests to have tea or coffee, with snacks such as cake or sweet. This tradition is very popular in western countries and is usually held to get more familiar with new acquaintances.


Birthday party is considered as the most enjoyable and the most memorable party for many children and adults. Photos and films of this ceremony will remain as a memory for a long time to remember the all good moments. Children pay more attention to this kind of party. Nowadays, in many countries, holding birthday parties for adults is as important as holding it for children. However, it is very different from wedding or engagement party (even if it is held magnificently).

Holding this ceremony can be modern, traditional, or a mixture of both. The decoration, designing, music, filming and photography, games and entertainment, etc. can be done in a nice creative way which can make the party really memorable. Usually, children and teenagers wear their best clothes on their birthday party, and like to invite their best friends beside their close relatives. The party is usually held by music and dancing, and then continued with birthday cake, blowing out candles, and unwrapping presents. The important thing is that in many countries the age does not matter at all; however, in our country, we do not usually have birthday parties for adults and elderlies. In other countries, on the other hand, forgetting elderlies’ birthday is considering rude, and a symbol of disrespect.


This kind of party is usually held in order to welcome a person back from a religious trip, or after spending a long time abroad. This tradition is an old beautiful ceremony which is still held in many countries including UAE.


This kind of ceremony, which has recently got popular in Dubai an as well, is held to say goodbye to a person who is departing for a long trip abroad – for study or immigration. Usually the departing person invites his family and friends to his house, or to a restaurant. The invitees may give him some presents.


One of the best events of life is graduating from a college or university. Many graduate people would like to have a party, weather at home or in a hall, for their graduation to make memorable moments for themselves as well as their friends. In order to celebrate a dignified prestigious party, you need to try your best to prepare a to-do list. Besides common arrangements like booking a hall, flower arranging, designing, lighting, and welcoming guests, other special arrangements are also required for a graduation party. The first and foremost is to prepare graduation gown and cap for which you can ask a designer to help. Secondly, you need someone to announce different parts of the ceremony so that it has its formal form. Be sure to prepare a speech note in advance in order to be well-prepared when you are called for the speech. It is suggested to start your speech by thanking your family, your scholars, and whoever helped you to gain this success. Presence of cameraperson and photographer is also required to record these memorable moments. You can use a directing and editing team to make a documentary of your student life, with its sweet and bitter memories.

Pixie Events, has the team of the best party planners in Dubai that use of all special facilities, tries its best to hold your graduation party as magnificent as possible, and would be pleased to make this event memorable for you and your invitees. Among different facilities provided for you are modern and beautiful graduation themes, making multi-story cakes, beautiful invitation cards in attractive forms and designs, fun and entertaining programs, etc.

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Party Planning Dubai

PARTY PLANNER | PIXIE EVENTS Those who want to hold a party such as birthday, anniversary, or graduation party often confront with stress and wilderness for holding luxurious parties. However, having a schedule to do different tasks can reduce your stress,

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