Undoubtedly, superstition has penetrated in any kind of ceremony – including marriage – in different cultures. In west, a wedding may delay due to getting rid of old or blue things from the specified location. Or the groom should not see the bride’s dress. Also, in Iranian culture, a widow or a divorced woman should not rub sugarcane on bride’s and groom’s head.

Using Toilet: Forbidden

For Tidong tribe, in northern part of Brunei, wedding is feast of returning from death. The new-wed couples must not use the toilet for 72 hours. According to the ritual of this tribe, the bride and groom are obliged to stay in their house and not to use toilet for 3 days and 3 nights. To be sure that they would obey the rules, some members of their families stay in their house as supervisors. Little food and water is given to the couple, so that they do not need to use the toilet.

Tidong people believe that this action guarantees a long happy life for the bride and groom. It will also prevent the birth of dead children, and will enter fortune and wealth to their life. However, the real purpose of the tribe’s elders to do so is that it puts the new-wed couple in a hard situation, which makes them strong and loyal. Both of them would value what they gained hard, and would not lose it easily.

You tell us what is harder than not using toilet for three entire days? By passing these three days, the young couple is getting closer to one another for they were together in the first hard days of their shared life. So they can count on one another in hard situations for an empathic lifespan.

Kidnapping the Bride

A group of Romanian gypsies, all over the Europe, has a non-romantic way of marriage. They kidnap their favorite girl with no wasting time. According to the rituals of this group, if a girl is kidnapped by a man and stay with that man for three days, she will officially be his wife. It is obvious that if this kidnapping happens without bride’s cooperation, she will be annoyed.


Marrying Animals to Eliminate Evil Spirits

If you are seeking real superstition, then accompany us to India. In Santal tribe, insane marriages are held. They believe if a girl’s first tooth comes out from her upper gum, she will later be eaten by a tiger, or another wild animal, for holy sprits have returned from this girl. The solution to this problem is her marrying to a dog. This marriage is officially held by dancing and singing.

Do not be worried, though. This kind of marriage is just a symbolic ceremony, and the girl is not really obliged to marry a dog and to do the common spousal tasks. This ceremony is merely held to eliminate evil spirits, and the girl can marry her beloved boy when she riches to adolescence.

Blacking out the Bride in Scotland

Some Scottish rituals make them different from the rest Europeans. For instance, Scottish men wear skirts; they eat sheep’s internal organs like intestine; and, instead of rice, they shoot rotten milk, egg, and different sauces toward the bride.

Tasteful Scottish people call this ceremony as “blacking out the bride”. This ceremony is among the pre-marital rituals. In this ceremony, attended people shoot any kind of trash they find toward the bride, and they would not make any limit for the rubbish: rotten milk, molding milk, tar, rotten cheese, etc. The important thing is that it must be dirty and smell badly.

However, it is interesting to know that Scottish reason for doing so is even funnier than the action itself. They believe it may help the bride to confront with her future image since there is nothing more humiliating than having a dirty face, especially at the time closing to wedding ceremony. It may be something like killing the cat on the wedding night. There was no logical clue in such ceremony other than the groom is, undoubtedly, the most joyful person in the group.

Bridal Fattening Camps

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. While in most parts of the world, girls are trying to lose weight and look thinner on their wedding night, in some cultures, fat bride is preferred. Therefore, the closer the wedding night, the more the bride eats so that she becomes fatter and heavier. Mauritanian people prefer fat brides the most in all over the world.

There are some camps in this country to make the thin girls plump, and change the plump girls to fat ones. In these camps, where the girls are sent after five, experienced trainers observe girls in fattening courses so that they get ready to find their future ideal groom. In one of the courses called “lablous”, participants have to eat a lot (about 2 kilos of grains and 15 liters of camel milk) a day.    


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