Wedding Cake

Choose a cake for the wedding day is part of an exciting plan for this day. The cake is made by our cake maker who is the most skilled and professional and he uses the best-quality ingredients in making it. We also pay the most attention to the smallest details. Our goal is to make the beautiful and unique cake which is not only perfect in design, but also very delicious to make your wedding day an unforgettable memory.

Wedding cake is one of the most essential parts of each wedding, and it cannot be separated from wedding party. All guests are looking forward to a time when the bride and groom cut their wedding cake. Therefore, it is better to decorate the cake with ribbons, flowers, etc. in the most beautiful way. At the end of the ceremony, the guests are served by the cake. Also, a lot of photos are taken with the wedding cake to be kept as a memorial record. If the bride and groom are willing to have the most beautiful cake, they can choose a multi-decker cake which looks more attractive and most magnificent. Beside the shape, the number of invitees also affects the size of the wedding cake.

Usually, cutting and serving wedding cake is the last part of the ceremony when a light music is played. It is important to note that this ceremony is nowadays held in most countries all over the world.

We can make the cakes completely in accordance with your wishes, including the outline or the theme, the color combination and the size you want. The general design, theme, color mixture and size of the cake will be made completely according to what you desire. Also, for couples who want a perfect wedding cake according to their taste, some personalized design services are provided so that we can make a great masterpiece by the inspiration we receive from your wedding celebration. The most important part is your ideas and they are well taken care of to make a cake customized to your style, taste and budget.

All couples who would like to order our cakes for their wedding can come to us and taste the cakes and consult with us. They can enjoy the taste and they can try different flavors and mixtures and talk about their desires. Whether you’re looking for a classic three-tier cake or a multi-tier one with plenty of decorations and details, our experienced artists will make it for you. We are well aware that planning for a wedding is time consuming, therefore we offer on-time delivery services to the couples who are in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Be sure that our team will deliver your cake in the best condition and on time. We offer our services to Dubai and Abu Dhabi halls and pavilions.


We are inviting you to meet our team to design a cake based on your taste. Share your ideas and interests with us to make your dream cake. Our collection includes various delicious taste and designs that you can choose from. If you have an special order, share it with our designers so that we can make a cake especially for you or your beloved ones.

Our works include simple cakes with artistic designs, three dimensional designs and great details and pictured cakes. We make the cakes daily and they are completely fresh so that you have a cake with the best quality for this important day. We use very best quality ingredients and each that we make shows our dedication and enthusiasm for making a unique  and unforgettable feast for you.

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