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Holding a unique and chic wedding ceremony surely requires tools and equipment which are unique and chic. Elaheh Naaz Ceremony Services, using collection of the best wedding dining table in Dubai, chairs and cutleries, has provided bride and groom with an opportunity to choose their desired collection with respect to their wedding style.

When it is time to serve the guests’ dinner, they go towards the dinner table to enjoy the wedding dinner. In the meanwhile, it is important to have enough tables and chairs to match the number of the guests and also it is important for the tables and

chairs to be of a good quality and be reasonably beautiful. The same criteria must be followed with regard to the cutleries; that is, they should also be quantitatively and qualitatively adequate.

The table and chair allocated to bride and groom can either be classic or modern. This depends on their taste. In the table and chair collection of Elaheh Naaz Ceremony Services, sets of loveseats, two-seat table sets, tea chairs, camelback sofas etc. are provided to help bride and groom select a better decoration for their wedding hall.


Dinner table is significantly important since dinner is being served on it, and the way bridal dinner table, that is, what bride and groom have for dinner, is designed will surely be scrutinized by the guests; even, chances are that families and acquaintances would look at the picture of dinner table decoration to relive the memories. Consequently, the better the placement of the foods, the size and color of the table and the space that must be allocated to it, the better its effect would be on the way ceremonial services in the wedding day are performed. Nowadays, the significance of luxurious and high-quality wedding dinner tables is so much that the young couples ask for the photos of previous dinner table and bridal dinner table from the ceremony services, before reserving the place in which wedding ceremony services are performed. This is because they want to be sure that serving and even details such as selecting table, chair and cutleries are done in the best manner possible.

Good service in low amount of time and with a large number of guests in the most important part of the wedding is a job that must be done by experts. Regardless of the role of variety in wedding dinner, factors such as the style of designing and placement of important elements of dinner table like service table, hors d’oeuvre and salad table, the place for drinks, desserts and main course is among the most important factors that can play a great role in evolving the quality of wedding dinner. The arrangement of main courses and their repetition is also quite important for the quality of the service. Elahe Naaz Ceremony Services with years of experience in serving both self-service and traditionally for ceremonial and official events, accompanied by experienced and educated staff is ready to service you.

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