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Wedding Floral Design

Wedding floral design in Dubai is an inseparable part of the field of Design. For intimate celebrations, ornamenting the house with candles and flowers or decorating the birthday table with candles or a combination of candles and flowers in quite a simple manner would be possible; however, for wedding ceremonies or Sofreh-Aghd1 (a traditional wedding ceremony spread where legal marriage and ceremonial traditions are exchanged), implementing the methods of Floral Design demands related experience and expertise which cannot only be gained by means of passing courses on Floral Design for celebratory events held in schools and institutes of Floral Design, and also needs tons of experience.


Designing the bride and groom stage with flower demands a more modern style of Floral Design which is both popular and practical. Beautiful Floral Design adds extra grace and magnificence to the ceremony. The more a wedding table is decorated using natural flowers or a combination of candles and flowers, the more every guest that attends will be mesmerized. Decorating the bride and groom stage and the space behind them with net, satin natural flowers, candles and big chandeliers will have an outstandingly beautiful result. One of the services that wedding planning companies offer is the Floral Design of the wedding hall which can be done perfectly when executed by an experienced ceremonial services company.


Decorating various parts of a wedding with flowers depends various factors such as the season at which ceremony is held, bride and groom’s preferences and the budget Decorating the ceiling of the hall using beautiful flowers will result in a flamboyant and splendid wedding ceremony, as if you are walking on the sky of a garden, ambling conversely; put a glass flowerpot filled with the seasonal blossoms on the table.


  • Their stage is the center of attention; therefore, wedding planning companies must pay close attention to its Floral Design.
  • Using flower chandelier instead of the crystal one is another method.  


  • Ornament the seats and the table of special guests with petals so that it will be unique.
  • Put a big and bright flower, like gowan on the napkins


  • Decorate the entrance path with flowers to make it highly romantic.
  • Put a garland on the entrance door.
  • Putting a garland in the door from which the guests enter is a great idea which will make them excited.


Choosing the bridal bouquet is one of the most important things to consider when being responsible for the wedding ceremony services. You might have heard about the red rose bouquet or the bridal rose bouquet. Since the bridal bouquet must be not only beautiful but also in accordance with the design, decoration and the wedding hall, factors such as wedding conditions and also time and place would be effective. For instance, flowers must be chosen and used in their right season. Thus, the highest level of scrutiny and stylishness must be implemented; that is, one can use rose bridal bouquet or orchid bridal bouquet, etc. The type of bridal bouquet and its beauty is quite important since everyone will look at it along the wedding night. Therefore, if perchance it is chosen mistakenly, it will have a negative effect, even if it is low. Additionally, size and height of the bride is also important. On the other hand, if bridesmaids and best men are going to accompany bride and groom, it is best that type of flower they use be in accordance with both the type of clothes they wear and the type of clothes bride and groom wear. Of course, if you do not have enough information in this field, you can consult experienced individuals or florists. Nowadays, a rose bridal bouquet is one of the most popular ones; nonetheless, there are other types that are also being used in wedding ceremonies.

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