Wedding Planner in Dubai

Your wedding ceremony is one of the most magical times of your life, and planning such an event must cause you no stress, in addition to being delightful and exhilarating. Pixie Events is one of the most experienced wedding planner company in Dubai, commits itself to flawlessly organize your Special Day either as a brief celebration with family members or as a glorious ceremony, so that whatever you wish to have would surely be included.

As you are imagining your wedding, it is only a matter of time till you come to yourself and say: “Oh, that’s it!” The day you have always wished for and awaited has finally come; everything is as you desired, the ceremony is going on great, there is no unpleasant interruption in the process, and there is no disaster at all. Your dream wedding, just as you fantasized, has finally come true. What can be better than this? What a relief! Successfully conducting a ceremony is a complicated and stressful process. Hundreds of choices must be made, while taking the wedding budget into consideration. 

Whether you are looking for a Full Services wedding ceremony or want to choose our Open Menu wedding services, it is our duty to lift the burden from your shoulder. By doing so, when your big day comes, your great celebration would effortlessly take place for you as the bride; and as you are entering the ceremony with a smile on your face, you enjoy a stress-free ceremony.

We guarantee that you will enjoy every single moment of your weeding, without being worried at all. We will guide you in this path so that you could attend the ceremony as ready and confident as possible.If you are looking for a romantic traveling experience, if you want to have a legendary ceremony, or if you long for the most mesmerizing and majestic wedding ever, our team and its management capabilities will provide you with the possibility of designing and shaping you dreams.Our work philosophy is centered strongly around you, 

your family and your friends, promising you a wedding that is designed based on your ideals, a weeding which will be remembered for a long long time.You may have envisioned every single detail about your dreamlike day; if you haven’t done it yet, don’t worry! We will help discovering this beautiful dream, together…


Either in person or via phone, we will offer you free consultation during which you will be familiarized with planning procedure and we will also try to find the ways in which we could cooperate. We are eager to hear about your dream vision, and will do our best to make it come true. So, do not hesitate to contact us via our phone number, +971502084342, and E-mail, or by filling out the contact form.

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