Pixie Events provides you with full wedding services. Make your dream come true! Full wedding services gives you a “Supporter” to breathe easy, and, as the bride, enjoy not only your special day, but also the whole planning process. A unique ceremony requires unique expertise.

The “Full Wedding Coordination Package” includes all of the items that are mentioned in the “Month-of Coordination Package” in addition to the following:

  • Supporting you to find a hall which satisfies the taste of you both, and is also kept within your budget.
  • Helping you find and negotiate with the hall owners. Instead of you, we will pick up a bargain, so that you could pay the most suitable price for what you want. Our owners are matchless and trustworthy, and they will perform your job in the most beautiful manner possible. We are committed to offer the best prices, and will check the contracts thoroughly to make sure that what you have asked for is included in the contract and the pricing is right.
  • Informing you about the schedules, deadlines, whatever we manage and everything only you can manage.
  • Managing the wedding calendar from this day until the wedding day.
  • Planning the meetings with the owners and suppliers.
  • Attending the coordination meeting for Floral Design and providing you with the Design Consultation.
  • Being present to manage all of the schedules and deadlines including the process of planning the whole wedding day.
  • Being there to supervise all of the supplier contracts.
  • Mediating between you and the suppliers
  • Attending the monthly visits and weekly meetings held a month from the ceremony
  • Finding hotels for the residence of the out-of-town guests who have travelled to the wedding
  • Informing you when the prepayments are due, and assuring they are paid
  • Being unlimitedly accessible via phone and E-mail
  • Guiding you about registering and starting a website

Wedding planning includes tons of details, deadlines, management and creativity. Our enthusiasm as well as our efficiency has made us one of the pioneers in the field of Ceremony Services in Dubai and Middle East; because, we are highly specialized in designing, planning and managing wedding ceremonies from beginning to the end. As ceremony planners and designers, we will guarantee you to provide an environment filled with comfort and an event which reflects your personal characteristics and lifestyle. Many of you have dreamt of your wedding since you were a child. Our professional team, keeping every single detail in mind, will make your magical dream wedding come true.

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