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There is a great variety in decorating a bridal car such as using balloons, bowties, using SUV cars or none of the above. Actually, since it is a tradition for the groom to go and pick up the bride with his car and bring her from the beauty salon to home or where the ceremony is held, this whole thing is quite important.Also, at the end of the wedding, bride and groom exist the hall, a time at which usually the exit and entrance of bride and groom will be recorded both as photo and video. Recently, it has become popular to use USV cars to do the aforementioned procedure, while it was not common to do so in the past, and sedans were commonly used. The scene of a decorated car entering the wedding garden is usually quite attractive and eye-catching. Nowadays, people try to use the most modern and the best cars to be decorated for the wedding. Consequently, using globally modern and luxurious cars is very important. Moreover, the color is also consequential. Usually, the color is white due to many reasons. Firstly, this color lets the flowers and other items with which the car is decorated be visible. Secondly, white make the beauty of the car appear on a higher level. Finally, this color is also used for the wedding dress, making it all as harmonious as it can be.

Another important factor is to apply decorative things on the car. First and foremost, one must use flower bouquets, which are very conventional. Usually people try to have the most elegant and beautiful flowers on the car. Nonetheless, all of these things will be better performed if don by the florists. Things that are usually used are silk, colorful fabrics, wedding net, ribbons etc. even one could decorate the car via writing on it. Nowadays, in some cases in some countries, nice dolls are used to decorate the car, especially for those who marry each other at younger ages.

Therefore, as the design and decoration of the place at which wedding is held is important, choosing the bridal car and its ceremonial appearance is of prime importance. It is interesting to know that in some countries like Australia, young couples use classical cars for their wedding ceremony. This, alongside of the simplicity, will add to the excitement and exuberance of the ceremony. These cars are usually rented from car rental companies to be used at the wedding night.

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