Chocolate Fountain is one of new devices used in wedding ceremonies. This device is also known as Chocolate Liquefier Device and Chocolate Melting Machine in addition to its common name, Chocolate Fountain.

As you know, the process of holding a wedding ceremony nowadays differ from what was common in past. In addition, families and bride and groom have higher expectations. There are many complementary items that have become popular nowadays like advanced and modern Videography, Firework and the use of various Effects. One of these items which can be reminder of the childhood memories for many, due to the interest children have to chocolate, is the Chocolate Fountain.

This device is a kind of chocolate melting machine which is used in weddings, engagement ceremonies and even some coffee shops. Chocolate Fountain is a multiple-story device each of which has a smaller diameter compared to the previous one. When liquid chocolate is released from the highest story, it gradually flows down to the lower stories. Surely watching a scene of melted chocolate flowing and revolving will fascinate the audience, especially children and teenagers; therefore, suing it in the wedding ceremony adds extra grace to the whole event. Additionally, Chocolate Fountain can be used when dessert is being served at the wedding or engagement night. In some foreign countries, this device is used in the chocolate bar section of the restaurants or ceremony services.


This device functions in multiple stages and is equipped with a stainless steel container in which the solid chocolate is placed to be melted. When the solid chocolate is fully melted, it is sent down from the existing valve above the device towards the lower stories like a fountain, creating a beautiful scene. When this happens, one can use chocolate or other foods to dip in the chocolate and eat the delicious result which has a layer of liquid chocolate in it. This somehow helps the wedding night serving to be as great as possible.

Needless to say, there is a wide variety in different models of chocolate fountain with various stories. This device is usually put on the ceremonial table to be seen easily and for its beauty to be observed by the guests in the best manner possible.

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