Engagement Party

Do you know about the tradition and rituals of an engagement party? For instance, do you know who is responsible for holding this ceremony, and how it should be performed? Marriage is one of the most important and the most memorable events of everyone’s life which has various customs and traditions. Some of these customs are different related to the region and its local culture. According to the culture of different countries, it may have any of various ceremonies like proposal, engagement, and wedding. Engagement party is usually simpler than wedding; it is held by bride’s family, and usually a little after the proposal ceremony. It is usually not that much expensive. This ceremony is the best place where the bride’s and groom’s family can talk about future events like the wedding party and its details. Duration of engagement as well as time and place of wedding party, etc. are usually the most important subjects to talk in this ceremony.

Of course, all these things depend on bride’s and groom’s family, their rituals and customs, and their agreements; they may use different tradition for their ceremony. Therefore, it is not very strange or unusual to hold it in a wedding garden, or to use buffet, fireworks, etc. since many people believe it is not only a significant ceremony but it is also like an introduction to wedding party, hence as important as it.

Engagement parties can be more magnificent in halls rather than at home. It can also be celebrated simultaneously with wedding party, and set them together. In this way, not only the expenses are lower, but also it is easier for the invitees since they participate in one ceremony instead of two ceremonies.


Rituals and customs of engagement party play an important role in ideas of holding this ceremony. The bride and groom can hold their ceremony in a garden or hall depending to number of invitees as well as the type of party – mixed or separated. Finding the best and the most proper location is our expertise.


Since the expenses are highly important, it is better to choose the best place, service, and quality according to your budget. If you have few invitees, it is better to create a friendly atmosphere; therefore, pay attention to the number of invitees if you would like to have the best result.


Time and setting of engagement party is usually set in advance, the way of its holding is also decided before the engagement day. Another important thing is shopping; there is often a shopping list for the required items that bride and groom should supply.

Since the bride’s and the groom’s relatives see each other for the first time, they are not well-informed of tradition and custom of one another. Therefore, it is better that the hall chosen for the ceremony be in a shape and style so that a friendly atmosphere is created amongst the guests. In order to gain this, music can be great; however, it should be chosen properly according to their taste.

Lighting, decorating, flower designing, candle designing, etc. are of highly importance. Light, color, and shape of materials play a really important role in having an excellent magnificent party.

Melal ceremonial complex, with its high experience and expertise in holding wedding, engagement, and birthday party, provides the best quality, decoration, and service in order to create the most memorable moments for you.

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