Wedding Fireworks Dubai

However, for doing fire working you should be assure about the proper location in advance since it is a high risk to do such works in small halls or gardens. It is suggested to check all things with the hall’s manager before setting fireworks. Although many people prefer to surprise their guests with fireworks, it is better to notify them in advance since fireworks is a team work and it requires collaboration. You can also dedicate some time to fire working to your ceremonies and parties in order to make it more fascinating and more magnificent. You also need to inform filming and photography team in advance so that they can record these memorable moments in the best way.

It is highly recommended to use a professional filming team and proper backgrounds for fireworks; otherwise, the result will be disappointing. On the other hand, an experienced team will give you the best shots for these kinds of ceremonies. pixie events provided you with the best wedding fireworks service in Dubai like flour steaming system, standing steaming system, paper-shooting devices, Warm and cold cascades, various kinds of fireworks and fire-shooting tools, rackets, remote-control cascade, etc.

Engagement Party

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Wedding Dining Table dubai

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Bridal Car Dubai

BRIDAL CAR | PIXIE EVENTS There is a great variety in decorating a bridal car such as using balloons, bowties, using SUV cars or none of the above. Actually, since it is a tradition for the groom to go and pick



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