How to choose a suitable set of gold jewelry for your wedding?

Your wedding`s day is drawing near every day and you haven’t bought your set of jewelry? 

Why the procrastination?!

Perhaps you can’t make up your mind on what sort of jewelry you want to buy?! 

If so, then keep on reading, we have provided the following tips to help you choose a proper and suitable set of gold jewelry.

Choosing the gold set based on your skin`s color:

If your skin is revealingly white, then the wiser choice would be to buy white gold instead of yellow gold. The white gold`s luminosity multiplies the beauty of your skin.

If you have a swarthy skin (a color between white and bronze), choose yellow gold and try to include some red gold too, this way it gives an attracting aura to your skin.

If you have a bronze or dark green skin, choose a combination of white and yellow gold jewelry.

Choosing a necklace based on the shape and size of your neck:

If you have a long and fitting neck, use the kinds of necklaces that can be locked all around the neck tightly, just like a bracelet. These kinds of necklaces are more suitable and appropriate for long necks and help to beautify the neck even more.

If you have a long and unusually thin neck, never use an annular and ruff-like necklace, since the width of these necklaces is not compatible with the neck.

If you have a short neck, you can choose a combination of two elegant and subtle necklaces, keep in mind that you will need to suit your necklace with an open collar dress, in addition, the length of the necklace has to reach the upper part of your chest.

Choosing a necklace based on your dress’s collar:

Before choosing the necklace, you have to take into consideration the type of the collar that you are going to have on your dress, if it`s flat and doesn’t have much space to reveal the necklace, the best option would be to choose a set of appropriate earrings to go with it.

If your dress has a full round and closed collar, then the proper decision would be to wear long, lustrous multi-strand necklaces. Wearing short and petite necklaces over a fully closed collar would have a cheap and unnoticeable look.

The size of the necklace should be long enough to cover the top of your dress`s collar, never wear your necklace around the edge of the collar, this diminishes the beauty of both the collar and the necklace.

Choosing a necklace based on the figure of your upper body: 

If you have a great upper body, refrain from wearing long and big necklaces, since such necklaces make your upper body look even bigger.

Instead, try wearing multiple small necklaces, granted if their length reaches your chest, be mindful of the length, if it crosses your chest, it is too long and should not be worn.

Also keep in mind, if you have oblique or fat shoulders, we suggest you wear delicate, beady necklaces or the cubic styles and necklaces that have been created using geometrical pieces.

Wearing an ancestral memento, an inherited necklace or brooch is immensely valuable and beyond comparison with any other jewelry than you can find in a shop, it shows the genuineness and originality of your family.

A proper bracelet should neither be too loose nor too tight, if too tight it makes your hand look bigger and if too loose it keeps falling off.

If you have short hair, it`s more appropriate not to wear big earrings, big earrings often are more beautiful and suitable with long hair.

If you will be saving your wedding jewelry set for the rest of your life and won’t be able to buy new different types of jewelry later in life, you should pay extra attention, in this case, you should choose your jewelry set in a color that can be suited with different dresses and makeup styles, and if so, the best option would be the color “brilliant”.

When shopping for a bracelet be aware of the type and design of what you buy, it shouldn’t be in a way that could easily get stuck to anything and everything. These kinds of bracelets not only could ruin your dress but also, as a result, its diamonds and stones could fall out.

When shopping for a jewelry set, make sure to check the little padlocks on your bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Try them on a couple of times till you are assured that all work properly.