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Nowadays, wedding music in Dubai is accompanied by modern tools and equipment. Young people, who are a majority in weddings like fast and loud music; therefore, the kind of music played in such ceremonies are mostly Rap and Pop which can add an element of excitement to the atmosphere. Dancing alongside of these kinds of music is one of the most essential activities in a wedding ceremony, alongside of music, however, the presence of euphonic singers which play the songs in accordance with the taste of the guests is a must. Due to the variety of traditions have, music, language, custom and conventions differ in each side of this nation from the other.

Even in a majority of wedding ceremonies held in the capital there may exist various races with various cultures and languages holding the event; therefore, singer and the musicians must be able to perform a wide variety of regional songs from all across Dubai to satisfy the guests? To have the best kind of music which is in accordance with the nature of the ceremony and culture of the guests played in your wedding, you must let the ceremony services do the job, to finally have and enjoy the best music for your ceremony.


Pixie Event Music has been providing the best DJs for weddings for over fifteen years. we have a tendency to aim to supply a a lot of credible different to your unimaginative wedding DJ while at constant time making associate degree diverting play list to stay your entire party guest list on the flooring. We pride oneself in our DJs’ open format skillfulness to cross all music genres and we’ll continuously look to match the simplest DJ to suit your music transient. sit down with America and you may sit down with a DJ, not a booker. 

Once your booking is confirmed, you may receive a login to our on-line music information to assist compile the last word wedding DJ music audio recording for your party. Your DJ can integrate and blend your selections in with their own tried and tested floor fillers making one long seamless musical journey. We even have a variety of wonderful live musicians to accompany our wedding DJs, as well as sax, percussion and live vocals.

Pixie Event Music are going to be at your service from the confirmation of your booking till the preceding song. Our past expertise is your assurance that you will receive the best music and DJ offered.We can conjointly beware of all of your sound and lighting rent needs and with all-embracing prices sanction ativeyou to trot out only one provider. Take a glance through our Event Production page for any data and idea

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